by Conan Tait

Tea, coffee and dementia

A recent study confirms earlier research of the benefits of tea and coffee consumption, as reported in the Jerusalem Post. It also indicates how much you need to drink to get health rewards. 360,000 participants (aged between 50 and 74)  provided information to UK Biobank, a database in the UK. It was collected between 2006 and 2020. Researchers from Tianjin Medical University, China analysed the data first examining whether drinking just coffee or tea had any effect on either heart disease or dementia.

The study found those who drank either: [1] two to three cups of coffee, or [2] three to five cups of tea gained benefits. “Our findings suggest that moderate consumption of coffee and tea, alone, is associated with a lower risk of stroke and dementia,” the study authors said.

However people who drank a combo during the day e.g. two to three cups of coffee and two to three cups of tea daily (four to six cups in total) had greater benefits. They were 28% less likely to develop dementia and 32% less likely to have a stroke, compared to those who did not drink these beverages. In other words drinking a combination of four to six cups of coffee and tea a day lowered the risk of stroke and dementia marginally more than just sticking to the one type of beverage.

So when you visit the local café it is not a mere indulgence, you can proudly claim you are doing it as part of your health and wellness regime. How does a routine of 2 cups of tea for breakfast, coffee at the café then tea or coffee for that well-earned afternoon tea break sound?