by Geoffrey Churchman

Even totalitarian governments like to know what their subjects think about current issues, and in Nazi Germany for example, the Gestapo regularly briefed the regime’s hierarchy about popular sentiment.

For instance, the Nazi leaders were well aware that in the ‘winter war’ of 1939-1940 between the Soviet Union and Finland, Germans generally were firmly on the side of Finland. As a result, and despite the non-aggression pact with Stalin, Germany covertly sent arms to the Finns through Sweden until a Swedish newspaper found out and made that fact public.

Now in Jacindaland, there must be awareness from polling on the part of the PM’s Department that skepticism is growing about the Covid Scamdemic, and accordingly, instructions must have been given to the paid Mainstream Media to ramp up the scaremongering.

This Newshub item from yesterday is clearly intended to try to keep the public afraid of big bad Delta, by distorting the truth about fatalities:

“NZ’s Delta COVID outbreak claimed its 51st victim on Tuesday.” Well, only 25 deaths have occurred during the Delta outbreak since mid-August, of which 1 was shot dead by police and it’s likely all the rest died with Delta, not from it, too, as we know all those hospitalised had serious existing conditions.

Newshub doesn’t even bother with their paymaster’s own caveat on the Ministry of Health website: “In some of these cases, the underlying cause of death may have been unrelated to COVID-19.” In fact, the “some” should be replaced with “most” and the “may have been” with “is.”

If, as seems likely, the even milder Omicron replaces Delta, then there will simply be nothing out of the ordinary in its effects on people. But don’t expect the paid MSM to give that message — people might decide that the second, third, fourth etc. jabs are a waste of time and the Jacinda’s Jab Pass scheme might implode.

Whichever it is, a treatment like this should work better — and a lot more safely — than multiple jabs with a rushed, experimental, dubious ‘vaccine’:-