A total of 417,009 for the year.

It’s clear that the more corrupt and vicious the Jacinda government becomes, the more people are losing trust in its paid Legacy Media — which have become undisguised propagandists — and to find out what is really happening in the country, they are turning to independent, unbribed media including us.

We attribute all the increase to our coverage of national NZ issues — plus the shenanigans of Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma with Big Tech in America — as there really hasn’t been anything on the local scene that would cause that increase; even the Guru Gateway Scandal was well known in 2020.

We’ve attracted some Jacindanista trolls (some of them Jacinda government and/or Big Pharma paid), but for every one of them there have been at least 20 more who love what we do — and we’ve loved getting your supportive feedback.

Everything you see on here is voluntary and unpaid, although to cover our American hosting/traffic/storage costs, we will be looking for donations shortly.

Hoping our readers have a better 2022 than 2021.

Geoffrey, Eva, Roger