This event happened on New Year’s Eve. Carl Bromley and his wife arrived back home about 1 a.m. after an evening with friends — to discover his house had been broken into. His gun safe had been ripped off the wall in the closet, the .22 rifle, used widely to shoot rabbits and possums, inside it was stolen along with 500 rounds of ammunition for it; and the rest of his house had been rummaged through.

There’s nothing unusual about that in Jacindaland now, criminal gangs are rampant, but unusual was that more valuable items that you’d expect to be taken by criminals had been left untouched.

However, the most startling fact was that the criminals were 6-8 members of the NZ Police — yes, incredible but true.

There must be a full story to emerge, but some background is given by this article from last August. This says Carl Bromley ranted at police officers, saying the Jacinda government was seeking to deny him his right of a religious service, after his Baptist church was targeted for not obeying Jacinda/Hipkins/Bloomfield’s new lockdown rules.

That indicates that he was in turn being targeted by one or more haters at that time and these types, as Jacindanistas do, must have since made bogus complaints to authorities. Were the local cops also getting their own back for his “ranting” at one or more of them? Are there Jacindanistas in the Canterbury police (particularly) and was he set up by them? One or more of them would have known he had a rifle and must have told someone on the outside to make a bogus complaint about that fact.

It’s very likely New Year’s Eve was chosen deliberately as a good time for this home invasion, thinking that he would be out.

The cops far exceeded any justification from due process and natural justice, but did the order for this appalling behaviour come from higher up?

Commissioner Coster who oversaw the writing of Jacinda’s gun laws in 2019.

Jacinda’s cousin, Commissioner of Police Andrew Coster appointed by her government in 2020 on a $700,000+ annual salary, must know this is how members of his force behave, with his tacit if not active support. Does Jacinda in turn know and support it? We know Coster is a Hard Left Wokeist, and has been criticized by the National Party for that inappropriate ‘qualification’.

The next National/ACT government has to hold an independent inquiry into NZ Police corruption. These have been held periodically in Australia and NZ is well overdue for one.