What is it about police in Christchurch? Jacindanistas must be in charge.

from the Daily Examiner

Alex* was at home on Wednesday 5 January around 1.30pm when he noticed black-clad & helmeted men creeping around his house, armed with rifles. Alarmed, he confronted them outside despite being clad only in shorts, then ducked back into the house to grab his mobile phone and emerged again recording video on his phone. He was slammed to the ground, handcuffed and taken away, his mobile phone confiscated along with his computer.

In questioning by the police, Alex was accused of possessing a prohibited firearm and attempting to sell a “semi-automatic gun”. Police also stated they were looking for a “Browning shotgun”, which Alex says he has never owned in his life. Questions such as “when does the rebellion start?” have led Alex to believe the raid was instigated by his employer, which had suspended his employment following a letter he sent in feedback against a covid vaccine mandate at his workplace.

Despite all the accusations, Alex is now being charged only with obstructing police and will appear in the Christchurch District Court on 11 January. Other than confirming that such an arrest had occurred, police have refused to comment on the basis for the raid or why Alex’s personal belongings have not been returned to him. Police have also refused to comment on whether any prohibited firearms or illegal firearms were recovered in the raid.

The Daily Examiner has been informed that Alex is a licenced firearms owner but has no firearms in his possession, having handed in his hunting rifle during the confiscation period for newly-prohibited firearms that ended in December 2019. He was an organiser of a protest against the imposition of the covid vaccination mandate at his workplace, which was due to take place the afternoon of his arrest and from which he was prevented from attending due to that arrest. Police also refused to comment on whether Alex’s involvement in the organisation of the protest had anything to do with the raid on his home.

This is the 2nd raid in a week against holders of firearms licences in the Christchurch Area who have also been outspoken against the NZ Government on various issues. The raid on Pastor Carl Bromley’s home on New Year’s Eve was in the Christchurch Metro policing area and The Daily Examiner notes that Pastor Bromley is also a holder of a NZ firearms licence.

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