International news agency Reuters is one of the websites that paid Vaxheads like to refer skeptics / cynics of the Pfizer substance to — where there are regular glowing reports about it and everything Pfizer does. Of course the Vaxheads don’t mention the close connection between the two organisations.

Here is the latest such article (read advertorial):

“Pfizer, BioNTech to develop shingles shot, after covid-19 vaccine success”

What “success” is that please? It’s certainly not success in doing anything to stop the covid virus being transmitted and infecting people with occasional bad results — anything but that — however, the article makes clear that it’s talking about financial success. Yes, the two organisations have been very successful at making money for executives and shareholders, mostly at the expense of working and middle class taxpayers in developed countries whose governments have taxed them to send billions of dollars every week Pfizers’ way and then coerced them into being jabbed with the substance multiple times.