The Canadian PM reportedly went into hiding as truckers protesting Covid-19 mandates flooded Ottawa.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were moved to an “undisclosed location” in the nation’s capital on Saturday out of security concerns as thousands of protesters gathered outside of parliament in Ottawa, state-owned CBC reported.

Protesters fought cold weather on Saturday to join thousands of truckers who have made headlines and gained the support of anti-mandate activists across the globe, including in the US, as they have made their way into Ottawa, protesting against Trudeau’s Covid measures. Some trucks were emblazoned with messages such as “F**k Trudeau” and “Mandate freedom.”

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And Jessica/Tova equivalents in Canada’s (state-owned) Media are even blaming the Russians for the protest! Of course, south of the border, Biden is desperately trying to divert attention away from his failures by claiming Russia is going to invade Ukraine. —Eds