KCDC is about to destroy the existing pohutukawa trees at Paraparaumu train station.

A  Karakia ceremony is being held to mourn the wanton extermination of these fine trees. How this council under Mayor Gurunathan aided by Mayoral candidate Janet Holborrow can support such public vandalism is incomprehensible.

The Council misled residents with its drawing of the reshaped Station/transport hub — it shows grown trees. 

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The Council’s justification for having this ceremony is apparently to appease the gods by seeking forgiveness before committing the crime. 

Any examination of the plan shows there is absolutely no need to cut down any trees. These trees provide shelter from wind and rain when dashing from train to bus. I know from frequent experience. Aesthetically they break up the barren hard surfaces in the area. Will doing a Karakia for the pohutukawa’s survival work? In the meantime ring your councillors, one or two have already expressed concern.

KCDC Special reporter.