This is a message from the Council sent to businesses, but they presumably would like to hear from the public also. It’s not clear what is expected — back in September 2017 before the Mahara Place makeover was finalised, Destination Waikanae (now basically dormant) came up with a list of ideas, see this post at the time:-

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to chat with Chris, Lorraine and the team from First Retail Group about enhancing the vibrancy of the Waikanae Town Centre.

They tell us it’s going really well with lots of ideas and enthusiasm being shared.

Some people are busy with clients or not on site so have not had a chance to share their thoughts.

So Chris and his team have put a short survey together to gather those ideas.

One of Council’s priorities is to enhance the vibrancy of our town centres. We want our town centres to be resilient and responsive to community needs, and to grow our local economy. That’s why we’ve engaged an expert company (First Retail Group) to develop and deliver a plan for the Waikanae Town Centre. The plan involves talking with business owners about their vision for the Waikanae Town Centre. We’ll be asking people for their ideas about how to bring Mahara Place to life through activations. Council will be able to support some of these ideas and we expect the business community will take responsibility for some parts of the plan as well.

We recognise many of you are busy and have additional pressures on your business currently so would appreciate your feedback and ideas through this quick survey.

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