Australia’s satellite operator, Foxtel, has notified RT on Saturday that it is suspending the channel’s broadcast distribution in Australia as part of its services “in view of concern about the situation in Ukraine.” The operator will then further “consider” its rights under the channel license agreement, it added, without elaborating on any potential additional measures.

Foxtel is a satellite operator covering all of Australia’s territory and has its own over-the-top (OTT) server allowing media services to be offered to the audience directly via the internet. It has around 3.8 million clients.

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It’s likely this has been a directive of ScoMo and the ‘suspension’ also affects NZ. The old saying is that the first victim of war is truth, so all we are going to get on the Legacy Media is the Globalists version of events, but we’ve gotten used to that about coronavirus and ‘Climate Change’. Apart from RT, is another source of news balance. —Eds