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This article helps you answer:

  1. Are the protesters a disorganised and violent rabble, or are they peaceful and clear with their messaging?
  2. Are the police using excessive violence to hurt and intimidate protesters?
  3. Are the police using “Agent Provocateur” tactics to stir up violence and justify police actions, including violence?
  4. Is Mainstream Media covering up police violence?

Please keep these four questions in mind as you read what is written and what you see in the videos and pictures: Then, to get the discussion going, give us your answers in the comments section below the article, and comment on what other people have to say.

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Let’s examine the evidence.


Two weeks ago, the Jacinda government and the police lost control of the narrative after images of police beating up women circulated around the world. We wondered how they would respond to regain control of the narrative. The authorities are attempting to regain control on the ground and to turn people against the protesters this week and it has not been pleasant, and, at times violent. As you read and view the photos and videos, I want you to question what you see on MSM and from the Sauce of all Truth: Go with your gut instinct, and common-sense: Cast aside the conditioning we have all been subjected to by torrent of lies, better known as propaganda. Keep asking, then answering as best you can questions such as:

  1. Who is causing this violence and who are on the receiving end: the police, the protesters, or maybe even a third party?
  2. Are they using excessive violence, while covering it up and lying, and doing so with the assistance of MSM?

To remind yourself of the day when the police, Trevor Mallard and Company lost the upper hand, here it is:

So, to regain lost ground, in addition to mounting a charm offensive, are they also resorting to dirty and underhand tactics, including using violence to manipulate the public’s view of the protesters? Let’s explore this possibility.

As the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand lies!

This man received a free face-massage, two days ago, complete with eye-gouging, courtesy of one of Coster’s Mob members.

Let me be very clear: Individually, or in small groups, the police have been great to deal with. In fact, many are Maori and Pasifika these days, some presumably, are related to my partner and our children. They are decent, peace-loving people who joined the Force, proud to serve their community. They are our family and our friends: Let’s keep it that way.

Many police, presumably the majority, and not just the ones at Parliament, will be extremely unhappy to be required to act with force and violence against the people they have sworn to serve and protect. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples in the crate who spoil it for everyone else; in this case, a few cops, better described as thugs and wannabe MMA fighters.

One must question the police leadership, their competence and their motivations, and those higher above in the chain of command and not heap all of the blame onto the police on the ground.

Historically, “I was only following orders”, is the most common excuse used by footsoldiers when defending accusations against them of committing war crimes: However, this is not a valid defence under international law.

It is common knowledge that at least 100 police officers have resigned since the protest began two weeks ago. We can understand why and good on them for doing the right thing!

Are the police using unreasonable force, and is the Mainstream Media covering it up; literally?

Winston Peter’s interview is worth listening to before proceeding, here:

Now, let’s look at some of the evidence behind these allegations against the protesters.

Watch this video and make up your own mind: is this evidence enough of a police officer punching and eye-gouging a person? Would this stand up in a court of law? Is Stuff deliberately concealing it?

Here are photos kindly supplied by the gentleman who was on the receiving end of this alleged excessive use of force:

Here is an interview with a paramedic who attended to the injured people after the morning’s violence:

Are the police and the Jacinda government using Agent Provocateur tactics to distort the public’s view of the protesters?

“Anon” wrote:

“subversive actions of people posing as protestors is an underhand and dishonest tactic that doesn’t fit with New Zealand values.”

The majority of the protesters, by far, are kind and peaceful people; they consist of New Zealanders from all walks of life who genuinely want an end to mandates. Many of them are health professionals who have been mandated out of their jobs and I know many of them personally. They are not violent or confused people; they are the opposite.

The Mainstream Media typically portrays the protesters as a mish-mash of hateful anti-vaxers; they are not and there is no confusion about why they are camped in front of Parliament – although some want more, some less, they all want an end to mandates. They want to be heard by those they elected to serve them, and who have, for two years, chosen to ignore their cries of anguish as their rights and freedoms have been progressively removed.

Many of the protesters have been maimed by the vaccine or have had loved ones die or be maimed, or lost to suicide. Many have lost their businesses, their jobs and, some have lost their homes. At the very least, they are asking for the mandates to end. Freedom to go about their lives without the interference of Jacinda government overreach and freedom to decide what they do with their body. They are there to protect the next generation from what the evidence shows is an unsafe drug that we still know very little about.

They are asking for the end of the mandates, including a halt to what is coercion to inject the entire population with a drug that is clearly neither safe nor effective: Let’s be clear about that.

They are not camped at Parliament with violent intentions: they simply want to be heard.

Some will agree the protest has attracted a handful of trouble-makers, including some of the mentally ill people who now populate Wellington’s streets, but they have been well-controlled by the movement. However, within our midst, there have been some most unusual trouble-makers who cannot be so easily be explained away. Let’s now focus on these people.

There has been a handful of people who just do not fit into the gathering at Parliament which is more like a peace and love concert than a protest. The people I’m referring to look more like the white supremacist gang members that New Zealand has so reluctantly accepted as deportees from Australia over recent years. Not that I’m saying these infiltrators are members of white supremacist gangs or mates with the foreign terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, but they wouldn’t be visually out of place if they were.

“An agent provocateur is a person who is employed by the government or the police to encourage certain groups of people to break the law, so they can arrest them.”

Take a look look at this bloke who caused trouble yesterday morning (more about him later). Nice glasses, by the way. What’s your lens prescription?

Is he a gang member? Do you recognise him? What’s the fancy ear microphone for?

Are Agents Provocateurs being planted within the protest movement, as alleged, with the intention of causing trouble, and creating photo opportunities for a bought and manipulated MSM? And, just who is provoking and dishing out the violence: The police, the protesters, or a third party?

Read this message received on the night of 22 February from a woman whose father is inside the Freedom Village:

“Police intervention has again turned ugly and the danger to the people is at its highest point. Live coverage from inside is buffering and lots of videos are not being received. My father says that the current police activity is more calculated and forcefully brutal than anything we saw in the initial Police riot.

My dad witnessed this morning premeditated brutality on a large scale which it appears we are not getting full video coverage of. In part because this attack was strategically placed on the people as they were still in bed and sleeping. People were woken by the noise and put directly from slumber to battle like a medieval village raid in the night.

A large part of the police lineup is exceptionally large men with shields and batons, these men in description sounded more like pro rugby players heading into a scrum. The people in their wake scattered like Skittles is the description my father has given. He says if you thought the brutal arrests of the last attack were bad, this is worse.

Dad believes that if we don’t get as many confident, smart people with the relevant skillset down there immediately, this will all come to a sad and brutal fate for our people within days. We need strong and capable people with the insight into how police are attacking us to lead our people now.”

Rest the rest