by Martin Warriner

Our Prime Minister and all Members of Parliament tell us that the Covid-19 anti-mandate protestors in Wellington are acting unlawfully.

It is common knowledge that, according to advice from their legal representatives, our District Council has been operating illegally for the past 12 years under a Territorial Authority that doesn’t exist in NZ Legislation.  However, our elected representatives still continue to break the law.

Last Friday 25 February 2022, in the case “of an application for judicial review for the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Specified Work Vaccinations) Order 2021”, we have a High Court Judge declaring, “I conclude that the Order does not involve a reasonable limit on the applicants’ rights that can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society and that it is unlawful”.  This means it is not legal to enforce mandating vaccinations for Police and NZDF staff.

Logic tells me it is therefore illegal mandating Covid-19 vaccinations on anyone under the threat of losing their job and/or livelihood as has been happening across the country.

Another travesty of justice that most New Zealanders are not aware of but our Prime Minister, her Government and all Parliamentary Members know is that they are mandating businesses / organisations to break the law by enforcing them to police the “My Vaccine Pass” which is not for use in use in this country.  The pass is not valid because it clearly states (refer below) that it for use in a Country “Aotearoa New Zealand” which does not exist both internationally or under New Zealand legislation.

This country is New Zealand and to change that name requires an Act of Parliament.  Therefore any “My Vaccine Pass” the Government is issuing is not legal in this Country as “Aotearoa New Zealand” does not exist and would require Parliament to go through the correct procedure to change our Country’s name.

While we would all agree that trying to keep our communities safe during the uncertain times of a contagious variant of Coronavirus, it is critical that we hold our Governance representatives accountable for upholding the laws they often arbitrarily introduce.  Please note that, contrary to Government statements, any institution, organisation or business failing to verify a person’s “My Vaccine Pass” cannot be held liable for fines or penalties as they are not breaking the law.

It is becoming clearer to me that if New Zealanders break the rules of law then they are acting illegally but our elected representatives, both in Central and Local Government, blatantly act illegally and are proud of it.

It is most definitely difficult times but we are constantly being bombarded with mandates on rushed, flawed legislation so our Government needs to ensure they understand it is New Zealand legislation and not some fictitious land called “Aotearoa New Zealand”.

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