by Geoffrey Churchman

Yesterday I got the below e-mail from Bloomfield’s MoH, perhaps because last December I joined the fossil club (as one of my acquaintances refers to it!) According to the MoH website, the one they push and is government funded is AFLURIA® QUAD.

Also according to the MoH:-

“The goals of the 2022 Influenza Immunisation programme are:

  • Vaccinate 75% of the population aged 65 and over
  • Improve influenza immunisation coverage for people aged under 65s with certain medical conditions, and for pregnant people
  • Improve influenza immunisation uptake for health care workers: vaccinate at least 80% of DHB health care workers.”

Although I qualify for a free jab at 65, in the racism that typifies this government: “Access to the funded influenza vaccine has been broadened this year to include Māori and Pacific peoples aged between 55 and 64 years of age.” Isn’t it great to have the right ancestry in Jacindaland?

But will I be doing so? Just as with ‘Jacinda’s Jabs’ of the experimental Pfizer substance for covid the answer is No. The reason is that I concluded in 2013 it was a waste of time, see this post.

I’ve got no issue with this influenza vaccine so long as there is full disclosure of the risks and contraindications, and there is no coercion — the same as should have applied but didn’t for the so-called covid ‘vaccine’.

While on the the subject of the China virus, friends in their 60’s in England said this in an e-mail to us: “Eddy and I have now joined the Covid club.  I tested negative a couple of days ago and Eddy is still positive and getting very bored with it as he feels great.  Neither of us can say it’s been any worse than having a common cold, thankfully.”

Based on the common description of having Omicron — a mild headache, feeling a bit off, sneezes or a cough — it’s possible I caught it too last week, but those symptoms disappeared within a day and I wasn’t going to waste anyone’s time, least of all mine.

The question that arises, however, is why this obsession by the Jacinda Junta in jabbing people? Is Big Pharma making secret arrangements with her, Hipkins and Bloomfield on this too?


Protect yourself from flu this winter

Kia ora Geoffrey,

Our risk from flu has been very low over the past two years. But this winter, with borders open again and more people out and about, there’s a much greater risk of catching the flu.    

The flu isn’t just a common cold. It can be serious and make you very sick. In severe cases it can mean a stay in hospital.

That’s why this year more than ever, if you haven’t already done so it’s important to get your flu vaccination as soon as you can. And, if you’re aged 65 or over, it’s FREE. Getting the flu vaccination will give you the best possible protection and help keep you well over winter.

You can have a COVID-19 vaccine or booster at the same time as your free flu vaccine. There’s no need to leave a gap between these vaccines.

If you’ve recently had COVID-19 you can have a flu jab as soon as you’re out of isolation.

How to get your FREE flu vaccination

To get your free flu vaccination, talk to your family doctor or visit a local pharmacy. To find a participating pharmacy in your area visit and search for ‘influenza’.

Need more information?

Call Healthline on 0800 611 116 or visit

Ngā mihi,

Ministry of Health