by Sue Grey who comments: “This is a follow up request to the PM after she fobbed off my previous request. The response will be very interesting.”

From: Sue Grey <>

Date: Tue, 10 May 2022, 22:54

Subject: Ref: PMO 2022-149 Official Information Act request relating to policies regarding reported vaccine injuries

To: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern <>, J Ardern (MIN) <>

Dear Prime Minister

I note you have tried to transfer my request for information about PfizerVax injuries including for government policies for communicating with Vax injured families.

On at least one occasion you invited feedback about Vax Injuries on your Facebook page. That resulted in around 20 000 public posts – of which a large proportion including those reporting Vax injuries were deleted by you or your team.

Luckily members of the public saved those posts and have shared them on various forums.

Please can you provide under the OIA:

1) the names, job title and training of all who directly or indirectly are funded from public money to help manage your Facebook page and the budget and expenditure for managing your social media;

2) copies of any job descriptions, contracts and written or oral instructions to those who manage your Facebook page or other social media;

3) information to show what follow up there was by you or any of your advisors or staff re any or all the 20000+ posts on your Facebook page including:

A) with those who posted about Vax injuries

B) with any of your elected colleagues including any with the Minister of Covid Response or any other cabinet ministers

C) with the Director General of health or any other representative of the Ministry of Health or Medsafe

D) with any representative of the CARM register

E) with any media, PR advisors and/or social media influencers

F) with Pfizer or any representations of Pfizer

4) Any other information about your how you or your advisors responded to the 20 000 comments re your Facebook post about Vax injuries including:

A) any communications about or consideration of possible changes to government messaging that the Vax was “safe and effective”.

B) any consideration of legal risks for the Crown, government or individuals from liability for Vax injuries or for misleading claims of Vax safety

C) any consideration of economic or fiscal implications from Vax injuries

D) any resulting messaging or policy changes that were considered or made to address these risks

Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc