Not quite as long as Dear Leader’s crippling of Jacindagrad (Auckland) last year, but likewise awful and completely unnecessary. From the Daily Mail:

  • Shanghai’s two month lockdown has been lifted with residents now allowed out
  • China’s ‘zero-Covid’ strategy has led to harsh lockdowns after other countries unlocked their economies 

The news brought about an outpouring of exhaustion from residents, with one taking to the state-owned social media platform Weibo to write: ‘I’m so emotional that I’m going to cry’.

Others greeted the news with scepticism over the communist regime’s reliability.

‘Please don’t be lying to me, I’m numb,’ said one mistrustful post.

The easing of curbs applies only to those in low-risk areas, which are home to about 22.3 million people, according to government data. People will still be required to wear masks and are discouraged from gathering and encouraged to get vaccinated. 

The city-wide lockdown has fuelled public anger and rare protests, as well as pummelled supply chains and China’s economy.

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