Jacinda was given an honorary Doctorate at Harvard — one assumes it was a Doctor of Spin.

by Carolyn Moynihan on the BFD

New Zealanders have heard a lot about “disinformation” in the last couple of years. And “misinformation”.

According to the home-grown research group The Disinformation Project, “Misinformation is false information that was not created with the intent to harm people,” while “Disinformation is false information that was created with the intent to harm a person, community, or organisation.”

Either way, what the TDP calls “information disorders” have become such an issue for the government that our Prime Minister made them the subject of the Commencement speech she gave at Harvard University last week.

Unfortunately, it was rather one-sided, reflecting values that, judging by the frequent applause, went down well in one of the bastions of liberalism, but are themselves a breeding ground of information disorders.

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