from 7 June 2022

by Tony Orman

Recreational firearms group says the spate of gang shootings in Greater Auckland shows the government is failing to deal with the main issue.

President of the Sporting Shooters Association, Chaz Forsyth, says “this level of gang violence in our biggest city is a clear indication, that all the Government firearm legislation since March 2019 has been a complete failure – to say nothing of a total waste of several hundred million of taxpayer money.” 

Recreational groups have long said since the 2019 mosque shooting aftermath and rushed reactionary laws by politicians, that the Prime Minister targeted the wrong people in gun confiscation and with new laws making it harder for responsible law-abiding Kiwis to own firearms. 

Get proactive with gangs

“Rather than spending a further $ 208 million on requiring the Commissioner of Police to micro-manage shooting clubs and their ranges, as well as compiling lists of privately owned firearms, the Prime Minister would be better advised to spend tax payers money on more pro-active policing of the numerous gangs and their members who are currently poking a finger at her and the police,” said Chaz Forsyth. 

“Far be it for us to tell the government how this should be done, but it is clear that the government has been poorly advised in its arms legislation. Legislation which has spectacularly failed to make New Zealand safer. In fact it is a far less safe country than it was 3 years ago,” he said.

SHOT says the police and government have failed

Support came from a group Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust (SHOT) which said senior police and government had failed.

“Why doesn’t the Prime Minister ask firearm experts like gunsmiths, instead of bureaucrats?’ said SHOT spokesman Laurie Collins. “It’s so obvious the gangs are better armed due to the bungled 2019 buyback scheme.”

He said the competence of police bureaucrats at senior management level needed searching scrutiny.

“The police out on the beat are often good, realistic chaps but the desk based top echelon and the police association advising government are out of touch.” 

by Geoffrey Churchman

It would be hard not to be aware of the recent numerous incidents of gun violence in both Jacindaland and America as they are headline news on the MSM and any massacres make it to international headlines.

While measures to control and reduce gun violence have been a longtime issue in America, it wasn’t until a visiting lunatic decided to shoot up two mosques in Christchurch in 2019 that it became an issue in NZ and we all know what it led to under PM Ardern.

We also know that her instantaneous emotionally driven reaction in ramming through new laws with only token consultation and ordering a witch hunt for ‘right wing extremists’ was futile and has not stopped the problem of gun violence which has worsened a lot.

Why have shootings and crime generally become so much worse recently?

In my view there is one glaring elephant in the room: the fallout from the MSM/government-promoted Covidiocy over the last two years. The massive melodramatic scaremongering over a manufactured, but clearly far from weapons grade virus in a Dr. Fauci-funded Wuhan lab made Climatism look tame in comparison: Lockdowns and draconian restrictions on people’s liberty took a huge toll on mental health in the community. Then there is the effect of being forced to have injected into them a shonky and dangerous substance that many didn’t want. And of course, there could have been significant mental health damage from the Pfizer substance itself. One notable case in Timaru that stands out for me was that of a double-jabbed-up mother of three who ‘allegedly’ killed her three young children last year, article.

The most sensible Federal level proposals in America to deal with the ease that almost anyone has to obtain guns legally are firstly, the compulsory background checks whether at a dealer or a gun show, and secondly increasing the age at which people can buy a MSSR from 18 to 21 so that in theory at least the possessers have more maturity.

The “red flag” laws that many states have whereby police have the power to confiscate someone’s guns if he/she shows signs of mental instability are more controversial. There have been instances when Leftists have made such accusations against conservatives they don’t like for political reasons. One notable and disturbing such case in Jacindaland happened at the beginning of this year in Christchurch, see this post.

How can governments stop this type of mass psychosis in populations? The obvious answer is to stop fearmongering with massive hyperbole over issues that require attention, but that’s all.