June 16, 2022 — 

A ballad for Mallord as he goes.  A macarena we sing as the lame duck takes wing.  Take your arse home to hug a retirement chair, you smug leader void of care.  May you soak in your deeds and reap the seeds of mocking the peoples’ needs.  And take Kris Faafoi as you go.  And tell him that God wants him to know: for the oppression of the immigrant you too shun.  Put a fork in him, he is done.  To a foreign land to become, the son of an immigrant undone.  Be thou depressed: or shall I suggest, repentance?  Although these two of Jacinda’s communist crew are no longer in positive public view, I still feel unsatisfied.  For justice is not yet ratified.   The face of covid Chris Hipkins we so much know.  With his dark eyes of shut down glow.  As every small business owner now knows: he three needs to go.  His face of disgracing fear of whom the people no longer revere.  Next, I play a word fiddle to dishonorable Andrew Little, for his role as Health Minister.  So sinister how he belittled this people so quietly in the shadow of tyranny’s vax.  How can justice relax until you release your hidden facts?  Tell the truth and save your soul.  But you too must now go.  For justice is beckoning and there is yet to be a reckoning.  Until Jacinda steps down liberty can not be recrowned.  For her assault on our freedom, and for stealing our sovereignty we demand:  Equal Justice with a strong hand.   We the people will never forget, we the people will never relent, until Jacinda to the United Nations is sent.  Because kindness you have bent, and in Aotearoa you are spent.  New Zealand rejects your global communistic agenda, and we call for your removal as PM, Jacinda.    

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