Just as voters in Tauranga demonstrated what they think of the Jacinda government, in two by-elections in England on Thursday voters did the same with the Boris government. Ordinary people are tired of being treated like cattle in the Globalists’ nefarious schemes including Climatism, the Scamdemic and now Boris’s warmongering in Ukraine. You might have thought he would have learned a lesson from Tony Blair’s adventure in Iraq 19 years ago, but no. This time it’s even worse as everybody has to pay much higher fuel and food prices because of it. Not good for pollies in power.

The two by-elections were in Wakefield, a traditional Labour Party seat which the Conservatives won in 2019 and now has returned to Labour, and Tiverton & Honiton in Devon, a safe Conservative seat, but which has gone to the Lib Dems with a massive 30% swing. The Labour Party also lost vote share, unsurprising as many see the two parties as being as bad as each other.