And that’s what Chris Penk is — the National Party’s chief whip in Parliament. No that doesn’t involve punishing renegade MPs or providing a BDSM service, but ensuring that party MPs show up to vote in divisions.

The occasion was the removal of restrictions Thursday on walking on Parliament’s front lawns after they were resown in March. Mainstream Media, schoolkids and MPs were given free ice-creams and barbequed sausages. Unsurprisingly, it provided the opportunity to Comrade Jacinda to make a speech which was duly reported by her paid MSM.

She claimed that protesters belong outside parliament — but in practice only if they demonstrate in favour of her and her Party’s beliefs. A handful of Climatists showed up and they were fine with her. But if anti-vax-mandate protesters had showed up, we know what would have happened to them.

The Dictator of Jacindaland said it’s a place of “openness,” where we strive to “treat others with respect, empathy and kindness.” Yeah, right. She trespassed the protesters, slandered them and had the police spray tear-gas on them, fire rubber bullets at them, use nauseating sound waves on them and beat them up with a variety of batons. Unbelievable.