This is one of the graphs on The Spinoff website which show that since 2011, the ratings for the Mainstream TV channels in NZ have steadily declined. The fall has been greatest among 18-34 years olds: nearly 70%. Extending the age range to 54 shows a fall of nearly half. Among all ages 5+ the decline in TV viewing has been about 40%.

The ever-increasing speed of Internet connections and streaming Movie and TV program content from websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many other entertainment providers have been the principal causes. It shows why the Jacinda regime is so concerned about the decreasing effectiveness of their paid NZ Mainstream Media propagandists when ever fewer people are viewing them, and requires Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others to acede to their censorship of Free Speech wants.

The TV channels are well aware of the switch to on-demand streaming services and now offer their own.

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