by Tony Orman

A new video has exposed a startling and shocking sexual invasion of New Zealand outdoors and the country’s youth by wokeist academics. 

Outdoor education an admirable innovation into school curriculum over the past several decades, has now been twisted and tainted by trans-gender indoctrination inflicted on school children and youth.

The video’s introduction says: “When you send your children on an outdoor adventure camp or programme, you’re probably expecting that the activities will be based around water safety, abseiling, mountain biking, caving, canoeing, camping, environmental wellbeing, outdoor learning experiences, outdoor education. But a new curriculum by Education Outdoors New Zealand labelled “Going with the flow” is a gender fluidity indoctrination course for young boys and girls. Clara gives an analysis of the new “birds and the bees” in the outdoors.”

But it is heavily loaded into wacky “birds and bees” sex education.

Education Outdoors NZ

EONZ’s self appraisal claims it “is a national professional organisation leading, supporting and influencing education outside the classroom (EOTC) and education outdoors in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We do this through the provision of professional learning, workshops, good practice information, one-on-one advice to teachers, development of resources, and active leadership within the education and outdoor sectors.”


“Good practice?”

In my opinion, EONZ is suffering “delusions of grandeur.” And wacky and dangerous delusions at that.

EONZ is government funded and backed by organisations such as Walking Access, Ministry of Education, Sport NZ, Physical Education NZ and others.

But look at the banner on the website and it lists as a major aim “Menstruation and Rainbow Inclusive Practices.”

In the Family Matters video, Clara Fox-Champkins summarises “Your children deserve to see the outdoors and learn about the outdoors – they definitely do not deserve to be wasting time being indoctrinated on “radical sexual and gender ideology.”

In 2016 the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations issued a press release which advocated  “fishing, hunting, tramping and other outdoors pursuits should be used by government to enhance the well being of New Zealand youngsters.”

“Going outdoors in healthy recreation is a tonic for confused youth, building physical and mental health, self esteem and nurturing an environmental awareness,” said CORANZ chairman Andi Cockroft.

But it’s a rapidly changing world, that impacts strongly on the people and particularly youngsters.

And sending a child or adolescent to an outdoor education camp run under the edict of the new curriculum by Education Outdoors New Zealand, is not going to enhance the mental health of youngsters. The result will be added confusion.

Self Esteem

The teenage years can be confusing for any youngster. Adding to the confusion is alarmingly and simply counterproductive. The social impact can be devastating with the self-esteem of many teenagers plummeting. That then manifests itself in a disgruntled youth sector and sometimes aggressive behaviour and crime — at great cost to the country. And tragically even suicide as shown by NZ’s abnormally high youth suicide rates.

In 2019 NewstalkZB reported New Zealand had the highest death rate for teenagers and young people among 19 of the world’s developed, wealthy countries.

Neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis told NewstalkZB’s Kerre McIvor that the results were concerning. 

“We’ve got this idea that New Zealand is this wonderful, clean, green, beautiful nation that is a wonderful place to raise children, so this paints a different picture.”

Young people are confused.

Back to the Family Matters video exposing Education Outdoors New Zealand and its intrusion of “Menstruation and Rainbow Inclusive Practices” into Outdoor Education.

At July 15 there had been 17,000 views of the video.

Strong Reaction

The reactions have been emphatic.

Wayne:- “This government document had nothing to do with the outdoors. It was purely promoting a Labour and Green party endorsed view on the most important aspects of our humanity, namely sexuality and gender.”

Mjcreative;- “What happened to helping kids embrace and love the bodies they were born with? Todays messages are telling kids – to be happy you need to change. Sadly we are going to see higher rates of mental health issues in the future!”

Karen;- “This video should be a huge wake-up call to parents.”

Tupuna:- As a parent, I’m not ok with their teachings, beliefs & methods! Its very disturbing to witness young children being manipulated like this!

Jasmine:- “Go outdoors to go learn about genitals, go to a camp away from parents where they are shown videos of trans people being upset about getting periods and getting hormone treatment made them fulfilled. Yeah I rather my kids do rock climbing thanks.”

Trevor:- “Hmmmm I thought conversion therapy was illegal? Apparently not when hidden under the guise of “Outdoor Education”

Footnote: If you agree e mail the Minister of Education Chris Hipkins, a family man with a young daughter, with your concerns.

Note: Tony Orman is a former land surveyor, school teacher and journalist and author