It’s no great surprise, given that the Taxpayers Union was banned from attending the conference, that this would appear. It reflects the domination of the Jacinda government’s Maori caucus, Mahuta and Jackson in particular, in all things involving all aspects of government.

Some of these tips can actually be commended, and in Waikanae learning the histories of both the mandated and non-mandated local iwi (and hapu) such as Ngatiawa ki Kapiti is a good idea.

Attending events involving different cultures is also a good approach, but “diverse”, which presumably means LGBTQIA+, is surely a personal thing. There are no mosques in Kapiti, and no synagogues or sikh temples either.

How many different languages are implied by “multilingual” rather than bilingual?

Monitoring one’s Social Media is something nearly everybody does already.

In this Otago Daily Times article, Otago regional councillor Michael Laws describes the guide an abomination — it is “a biased attempt to stop freedom of speech and thought around Three Waters, around Maori wards, around co-governance, around the Government’s so-called reform agenda.”