by Anthony Smith on Patriot United News

When Donald Trump was in office, one of his biggest detractors in the media was Van Jones on CNN.

He called Trump every name in the book. He also encouraged minority voters to back Joe Biden in the election because Joe would make everything better for black people.

Well, he has changed his tune rather dramatically.

When Trump was president, things were going pretty good for minorities in this country. Higher wages, funding for HBCUs, and record-low unemployment rates.

Yet, people like Jones had blacks convinced that Trump was a racist and Biden was the man for the job.

Biden… the same man that likened minority children to cockroaches during an appearance.

Biden… the same man that made racist comments about Indians.

Biden… the same man that Kamala Harris all but called a racist for his stance on bussing.

I could go on for days on this, but hear the words from Van Jones above.

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