From Peter Williams of the Taxpayers Union

We were worried we wouldn’t hit our target of 50,000 submissions. But as it turned out, thanks to the last-minute flurry of support, we absolutely smashed it. The team has delivered 68,661 submissions by 65,091 New Zealanders* filed before the midnight Friday deadline. It was so many, it took more than 40 boxes of printed paper!

Even better – 8,634 people indicated they’d like to make an oral submission. At 5 minutes each, that’s 18 weeks of the Select Committee sitting full time to get through the submitters.

Tomorrow the Select Committee will decide how to approach the submissions. We are calling on the Select Committee to do what the Taxpayers’ Union did: get on the road and visit/hear from the local communities Three Waters affects.

If you add to our 65,000 the 15,000 submissions collated by the National Party, and the individual submitters, it is quite possible that more than 100,000 New Zealanders said “no” to Three Waters. It is an extraordinary response and one that emphatically tells the Government that New Zealanders oppose these expensive and undemocratic “reforms”.

We could not fight this battle without you.

While the Nanaia Mahuta uses taxpayers’ money to promote Three Waters and buy the support from groups like LGNZ, we’re winning hearts and minds with old-fashioned people power. Thank you for making this possible.

We’ve sent the message, now we must force the Government to listen

Click here to watch our delivery of submissions to Parliament.

By popular demand, we have just placed a large order for more Stop Three Waters bumper stickersyard signst-shirtsbanners and even the “Stop Three Waters” car magnets from the Roadshow Tour.

Everything Three Waters related on the Taxpayers’ Union shop is being sold at or less than cost.

Head over to our store if you, or someone you know, has a great location for a sign or banner.

I know the team have a lot more planned – even for later this week – so watch this space and let’s Stop Three Waters.

Thank you again for the support.

Peter Williams
Peter Williams
Board Member
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union