The KCDC has announced that the new Chief Executive, as chosen by the outgoing council, is Darren Edwards, currently General Manager, Strategic Planning and Policy with the Far North District Council who will take up the position on Monday 10 October 2022. He has been appointed for an initial term of five years with an annual remuneration commencing at $310,000.

According to KCDC, the position attracted 22 applications and four candidates were chosen for an interview with the full Council. The present mayor gushes: “All four candidates were of high calibre, with a broad range of experience in senior roles in New Zealand.”

What we know about him is fairly limited; although he knows what it’s like to be involved with cot case councils — Far North District and Invercargill. By our calculations he is 50 years old, give or take a year.

To begin with he will be involved in Mahuta’s council assets confiscation, a sure headache for someone in that position. And of course, if the Jacinda government loses office late next year, he will be involved in getting it all back again. The present mayor is probably right in saying it’s fun times ahead!

Hopefully, he won’t be as rudely arrogant as Dougherty and Maxwell were, although that wouldn’t be difficult, and he will be willing to listen to what Ratepayers have to say. The proof will be in the pudding as they say in America.