The Biden family covered up Hallie’s allegations that Hunter was “getting off sexually” with his underage niece according to text messages and emails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

In violation of Delaware’s mandatory reporting law for child sexual abuse, the Biden laptop reveals how the Biden family, a disgraced business partner, and the first son’s former psychiatrist failed to report Hallie Biden’s allegations that Hunter was “sexually inappropriate” with his 14-year-old niece.

While the Biden family’s shady Chinese business deals collapsed with the ‘disappearance’ and ‘arrest’ of Hunter’s CEFC China Energy partners, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jimmy Biden, Ashley Biden, Naomi Biden, Liz Secundy, Devon Archer, and Keith Ablow all ignored Hallie’s jarring allegations that Hunter was “gettin off sexually” with his deceased brother’s daughter.

All of Hunter Biden’s laptop messages and emails, including the ones featured in this article, can be found compiled in a searchable format on the website of Marco Polo, an anti-corruption organization led by a former Trump White House staffer.

Many of the exhibits featured throughout this article were organized by the non-profit research group, who have now been cited by FOX News, New York Post, Daily Mail, and countless other mainstream news organizations for their investigation into the Biden laptop.

Marco Polo’s investigation could not be more important with the recent whistleblower revelations revealing that the FBI—which took possession of the Biden laptop in December 2019—is not legitimately investigating the crimes of the Biden family.

Unfortunately, the FBI can no longer be trusted to investigate Hunter Biden with integrity and the equal application of law.

Instead, the captured federal law enforcement agency solely serves to protect the corrupt and nepotistic bipartisan establishment, who impeached President Donald Trump in December 2019 for asking questions about the Biden family’s activities in Ukraine, while the FBI quietly held onto the Biden laptop, which documented the Biden family’s corrupt Ukrainian business deals.

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What else is yet to be revealed in the shady tale of the Leftists’ man in the White House and his family? —Eds