One of the results obtained from plugging ‘3 storey condominium’ into a search engine.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has stated that his party in government will review these laws announced late last year.

According to an article on the Stuff website National will “take the consultation and hear the challenges that we’ve been hearing in different places up and down the country in due course.”

Stuff continues: “New ‘three and three’ rules – covering big cities and high growth areas – allow for up to three homes, three storeys high in certain places without the need for a resource consent. Hamilton city and parts of Waipā and Waikato districts are caught up, along with other parts of the country, sparking concerns from local politicians and councils who feel their control is being eroded.”

The general principle is that local people should be able to decide things that affect their local communities as much as possible. That is what local council exist for. Ideologically the Labour Party has never liked that principle, preferring instead massive centralisation and decision making by unelected bureaucrats in Wellington or Auckland, as we have seen under the Jacinda regime. But the results of that speak for themselves.