According to the MSM: “New Zealand will deploy a further 120 Defence Force personnel to the United Kingdom to help train Ukraine soldiers to fight against Russian forces. It adds to the 30 personnel sent over in May to train Ukrainian military personnel in operating artillery and the more than $40 million provided in financial support.”

It seems fitting that one corrupt regime would want to spend Taxpayer money to prop up a regime that is even worse.

But as we’ve asked before, why is NZ is effectively fighting Russia along with Biden and NATO? What possible benefits does feeding war in Europe bring NZ? For that matter, what benefits does ongoing destruction bring ordinary Ukrainians? This conflict shouldn’t have happened in the first place and wouldn’t have if Biden and the Democrat Party generally weren’t such pathological haters of all things Russian and encouraged the war.

NZ should have declared neutrality in this conflict and at the outset encouraged both sides to conclude a peace treaty, one that will be adhered to by the Ukrainian regime, as tall a hope as that is.