No this isn’t satire and it looks like something new to excite Leftists and the MSM — from the Daily Mail:

Doctors in India have sounded the alarm over a new virus dubbed ‘tomato flu’ that has infected dozens of children.

The infection was spotted in May in the southern state of Kerala and it is feared to be a new variant of hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Experts are also probing whether it is the after-effect of a mosquito-borne infection but they have not ruled out an entirely new pathogen.

So far 82 children under five have been diagnosed with tomato fever since May and a further 26 youngsters up to age 10 are suspected cases.

The infection gained its name because it causes an ‘eruption’ of red painful blisters across patients’ bodies that ‘gradually enlarge to the size of a tomato’.

Most patients also suffer high fever and intense joint pain, but fatigue, sickness and diarrhoea have also been reported.

Doctors say it is ‘very contagious’ and they fear it could spill into adult populations if the current outbreak is not brought under control.

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