by Général Antoine Martinez

Faced with the war in Ukraine which could and should have been avoided, do we still have the right, in a world that is said to be free, to apprehend this dramatic situation with a non-Manichean reading grid or are we summoned to submit to the only truth officially dispensed, under pain of being reviled and insulted?

Because this conflict could be avoided by objectively admitting, after the continuous expansion of NATO since the end of the Cold War towards the Russian borders – an obsession that has become pathological for some – that the admission of Ukraine into this organization is not acceptable because it constitutes a casus belli for Russia.

Russia’s security issues, as legitimate as those of EU member countries, cannot be ignored and want to exclude it, while it is a stakeholder, from an architecture on European security which concerns the he whole of the European continent seems neither judicious nor responsible.

Such a situation is likely to create unnecessary, dangerous tensions.

So, to make a bad calculation today, after having created the conditions for the outbreak of this conflict, by underestimating Russia’s determination would be a culpable error with dramatic consequences for Europe as a whole.

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