We had a post on Wellington mayoral candidate Barbara McKenzie last week. In the meantime she has been the target of a defamatory smear by Victoria University of Wellington Students Association (VUWSA). This is typical of Extreme Left fringe organisations, and there’s nothing especially new about it; they’ve always been doctrinaire, dull, blinkered, monochromatic and obsessive. What’s new is that the mainstream media in Jacindaland have also become infested with these types and paid by the government to tell lies.

The link to her statement on her blog is here

She additionally comments:

It’s been scary. There was already Stuff’s weird conspiracy theory about VFF planning armed revolution, which they’ve tried to drag me into. At a candidate’s meeting in Island Bay they had a series of rapid fire questions, one of which was “Do you have any association, or affiliation, with any organisation or group whose intent is to make NZ ungovernable?” When I said no, some in the audience jeered. I felt helpless and furious, and was thrown for the rest of the meeting. And then this. Only way is to go on the attack, including a court action for defamation. Might be able to get publicity for some issues at the same time!