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On Monday night, appearing in an “It’s in the Ballot’ live Kapiti elections broadcast, Districtwide Councillor candidate Jackie Elliott, who is standing for reelection, gave warning to all standing in this election to be honest and state their (sometimes well known) political affiliations on their signs and websites right now. 

Speaking to a candidate panel question on the ‘3 Waters’ centralisation programme, Ms Elliott, an incumbent councillor of three triennia, showed courage and frankness which she says has carried her through her political career to date, and explained that despite the evidence and overwhelming opposition to the ‘3 Waters’ centralisation programme at the table, KCDC has remained tight-lipped for three years, unwilling to make any public statements against the government’s ‘3 Waters’ plans. She says the reason is the active Labour policy-supporting block vote of three sitting councillors, who are all seeking re-election again, without disclosing their party affiliations, plus the Mayor who is not. Both the audience and organisers applauded her. 

“Not only is the council not expressing your voice, they aren’t even expressing the council’s own voice of clear opposition to ‘3 Waters’ and other significant issues that will affect and cost us in Kapiti well into the future, and they are denying Kapiti residents the referendum on water asset ownership that you are entitled to, according to council’s own standing orders,” said Ms Elliott

She says that having a sitting Labour Party list member [presumably this a reference to Janet Holborow who was number 69 on the Labour Party’s 2020 parliamentary candidate list —Eds], an ex-elected MP [who? —Eds], a Labour electorate secretary and a fourth Labour Party member, sitting in a council of 11 members, has limited everyone’s effectiveness at the table. Three of them are seeking re-election two for the Mayoral seat. “None of them are demonstrating one ounce of honestly, integrate or respect for the voting public until they front up. When asked to, they speak a whole lot of words about the technicality of the Electoral Act requirements. They need to just front up and change their signs now.”

“The very first expectation of those standing for election in Kapiti is to show some integrity and leadership and be honest with the voters” Cr Elliott says. 

Cr Elliott who has stood on a platform of common sense, affordability and transparency says, “Think carefully this election about where Kapiti will be after three years of decision making by a Party Mayor and their appointed Party Deputy Mayor, when we have lost ownership and control of our water and water assets, when you can’t get the new water company on the phone, when you have paid dearly the extra charges the Government intends every household to make to fund the ‘Better Off’ assets payments to councils as they take over all the water assets.”

The Government has been warned by the Treasury they can not afford to borrow the money offshore; it is such a large amount that it will destabilise the country’s international credit rating, so they plan for Taxpayers to pay it up-front.

(The link on the “It’s in the Ballot” Facebook page video, Kapiti at Large. Note there are two videos for this event. The one linked shows a running time of 1:01.37 and the segment is found at 39.45 — 42.19 minutes.)

Cr Elliott says she was, but is not now a Labour Party member. This is the e-mail Cr Holborow sent to Labour Party members last week effectively confirming she will pursue the Jacinda government’s agenda:

Kia Ora Kāpiti Labour members It is an enormous privilege to be your Labour Endorsed Mayoral candidate for Kāpitii. Being Labour endorsed is about principles rather than politics, and I aim to bring the party principles — democracy, equality, caring for the environment, co-operation, honouring our Treaty obligations and all the party stands for into all of my actions as a candidate and, if elected, as Mayor. I’m currently on the Labour List and actively campaigned in both Mana and Ōtaki in the last general election. We live in challenging times. Housing, growth, climate change and cost of living are my top priorities to tackle as Mayor. Having been Deputy Mayor for two terms, Councillor for three and Community Board member and chair for six years before that, I know our community and what we need to continue to grow. I’m ready to take on this new role and bring Labour’s values to the Kapiti Council. Through these challenging times, it’s also important to look after our well-being — I have a particular interest in cultural well-being, and have been heavily involved in Te Raukura ki Kāpiti (Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre) project and finally getting the Mahara Gallery rebuild off the ground. Building a new library for Waikanae and progressing Youth Facilities in Ōtaki are two of my priority projects for the new Council. For more about my background and principles, and my vision for the district, please visit www.janetholborow.co.nz. If you’d like to help with the campaign please get in touch. I’ll be out delivering flyers, talking to the community and attending events across the district in the coming weeks. The next event is a leaflet distribution in Waikanae on Saturday 27 August from 10am-2pm. Please get in touch for details. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone if you’d like to talk about any issues or share ideas. janetholborow4mayor@gmail.com Phone 027 296 1628