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Some principals are shocked by their students’ high failure rates in a trial run of new NCEA literacy and numeracy tests.

Year 10 students have trialed the tests, which will be compulsory in 2024.

Principals and teachers have told RNZ that all Year 10 students in at least one school failed the writing test and at others two-thirds to a half failed it.

Some also reported pass rates below 50 per cent for the numeracy test.

They said some of the schools with poor results had good NCEA pass rates and drew students from high socio-economic backgrounds who were expected to do well.

Overall results from the June trial of the online tests were expected to be published later this month but a smaller trial last year saw failure rates of two-thirds for writing and one-third for both reading and numeracy.

In the meantime, the results of individual schools have alarmed some principals and teachers because from 2024 students must pass all three assessments before they could be awarded any NCEA certificates.

Principals warned that some might never pass and others would need several attempts.

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