Kia ora Candidates

I was sent this FB screenshot by a number of candidates last night asking if we have met with KAU to discuss their plans.

It’s interesting to note they have said they have met with ALL stakeholders – this is not true.

For the record, I have only seen their sketches in the media and on their website – even though they say we are a stakeholder, the sketches and ideas were not provided to me prior to them releasing it in the media – to this day they have not met with us as a group to show/discuss/think tank their ideas.
Yes I have asked to meet with them a number of times as it’s important that the experts we have working with us can peer review the details. And, it’s important that the ratepayers know what the costs maybe to them in their rates.
Because the lobby group isn’t engaging with us, it’s hard to comment on the sketches. Furthermore, they in conjunction with KCDC also held an avionics forum with a cost of approx. $4000 to the ratepayer (see signed response re my question) – which our experts weren’t invited to speak at, little alone us as the owner of the airport. I did ask to speak.
Also I note one of their members is quoted as saying that Kapiti airport is the lungs of the community and region – currently the planes using the airport run on leaded fuel.

Feel free to contact me, my doors are open at the airport and am happy to show you around.

Nga mihi nui.