by John Robinson

I have suggested an initiative towards a combined action by many organisations opposed to separation by race in New Zealand.  This is focussed on one common idea, equality, which can be supported by all, with their various other interests. 

A huge effort is needed to bring New Zealand together into one country, of one people, with considerable efforts under way to develop a constitution that will set in place two race-based governments.

For more than 40 years, New Zealand has been dividing into two people — Maori and every one else others — with different rights and powers.  This accelerated with the National Party government of John Key signing the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People’ and the Labour Party government putting it into action.  Two governments are envisaged – and indeed called for in recent legislation which requires a separate Maori system (chosen and ruled by ‘tangata whenua’; undefined and undemocratic) as in the Three Waters plans.  This is called co-governance.  Any counter argument is crushed in a controlled media.

The destruction of democracy and the seizure of power by a race-based elite within an apartheid system is revolution.  This must be fought by a people’s counter-revolution, to bring back equality, which calls for leadership.

There are many organisations now working towards that goal, but each has its own approach and standpoint.  Despite those efforts, the revolution is steamrolling ahead.  We need an effort to bring all together, with one focus only (equality) so that people with differing political ideologies can join and work together on this one key issue.  This calls on the various concerned groups and individuals to join in this one issue to catch public attention and spread awareness.

In 2021 I outlined the developing crisis, in He Puapua: Blueprint for breaking up New Zealand (Tross Publishing).  A further publication, Regaining a nation: equality and democracy, is now available.  This celebrates the building of the nation and the many successes, undone by the tsunami of destruction, then considers what to do and presents the idea of a unified movement in the final chapter, ‘Combined action’.  Having come up with the suggestion, the next step was to take action, and Andy Oakley and I have taken the first steps in that direction. 

A petition is online at  This is:

  1. We are one people.  All New Zealanders should be equal.
  2. I will not vote for any candidate, or any party, that does not insist on equality without regard to ethnicity or ancestry.

Will you sign the petition?