The FSU sent this out a couple of weeks ago and we didn’t mention it then as, unlike taxation to feed wasteful bureaucracy, Freedom of Speech and Expression is really a central government issue. But there have been instances of councils banning speakers whose views they disagree with from their venues, usually for Wokeist reasons. So for those who consider it a decisive issue, the guide may help. Only 4 Kapiti candidates answered.

Our Council Candidates Report is a tool for all voters to use to vote for free speech. We have collated responses from hundreds of candidates across the country. You can use our Council Candidates Report to see how those in your electorate responded, and whether you can rely on them to defend free speech.

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At the Free Speech Union, we will never tell you how to vote. That’s not our business. But as tens of thousands of voters across the country, we can make a difference together by choosing those who will stand for tolerance and free speech. 

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Report on Council Candidates

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