Her regime has been talking about this since 2019 and people thought it had died a natural death, considering by far the worst offenders when it comes to “hate speech” are Leftists themselves — but no, it’s back again.

from David Cummin of the Free Speech Union

Today’s interview on TVNZ’s Q+A with the new Minister of Justice, Kiri Allan has a bombshell. The so-called “Hate Speech” laws – which we successfully fought back when Kris Faafoi was Minister – are now back on the agenda.

The new Minister told Jessica Mutch McKay that she “promises to make an announcement on hate speech by the end of this year” and that she “guaranteed that [she] will have introduced law … before the next election.”

Minister Allan quote

Remember this is the same ‘hate speech’ that the Government could not define – the Prime Minister said “you know it when you see it”. That is not good enough – and puts New Zealand down a very dangerous path.

Suddenly the fight for free speech is more urgent than ever

I am asking all of our supporters, and likeminded New Zealanders to please chip in to our “hate speech” campaign fund.  We need to recruit as many Kiwis as possible willing to stand up to the Government.

When we pushed back last year, Kris Faafoi said the “hate speech” laws would be passed by Christmas 2021. Our response meant they had to pay attention. Kiwi’s said they didn’t need the Government “protecting them” from insulting and offensive words. But now they’re hoping we’ve forgotten, or moved on.

Last year, many signed our “Save Free Speech” petition along with 40,000 other Kiwis. That petition, and the submissions we sent to the Ministry of Justice, meant the Government shelved these laws.

We can show them again that this isn’t a fight they want to pick.  

<<Donate now to help us push back against the Government’s “hate speech laws”>>

Jonathan and the team have a week full of media planned, where we will be meeting with print, TV, and radio journalists, making the case for Kiwi’s free speech. 

It may seem like a simple thing, but as our team start working on this issue again, donations means a lot.