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I hope the PM and the government can appreciate that many of our businesses and citizens across the country are living their lives in fear as lawlessness spreads.

Last Tuesday many of us in Hamilton woke up with a police helicopter flying over our houses at 2.30am. This week alone there were numerous burglaries/ram raids/smash & grabs in the Waikato:

▪️Monday — Stirling Sports at Centre Plaza shopping mall in Hamilton CBD

▪️Tuesday — 6 burglaries (amongst these were Chartwell Shopping Mall, Naylor St gas station, Hillcrest Bakery)

▪️Friday — 13 burglaries. First 7 in 90 minutes and then another 6 in the next 1.5 hours❗️

▪️Today (Sunday) — 7 burglaries

That’s 27 major burglaries that we know of in just 1 week. (This doesn’t include Mex-indo, Volare, Whole Heart and the Bakehouse Café being broken into last weekend that I had also posted about in a different post a few days ago).

I find it really hard to believe that the Prime Minister can tell off Vladimir Putin that there will be consequences if he uses nuclear weapons, but can’t say anything to 10 year olds wrecking havoc on our own streets.

A few weeks ago I asked the Prime Minister in Question time whether the government would pay for the damages at these stores because their insurance premiums were rising and many were having to close shop permanently due to the losses incurred. In her reply the Prime Minister had said that she was proud of the $6 million that had been given to 500 businesses for preventative measures (not to those that had been attacked) — 2 hours after that reply the PM and the Police Minister had corrected their statement as ZERO businesses out of 500 had been supported since the $6 million support was announced in May. Lots of empty promises while our citizens and businesses live in fear everyday.

🔗 My question in Parliament to the Prime Minister re ram raids and smash & grabs

🔗 Seven burglaries in 90 minutes in the Waikato, police investigating…/seven-burglaries-in-90-minutes…

🔗 Forced out of business as ramraiders hit seven Waikato stores in a night…/forced-out-of-business-as…

🔗 Ramraiders target sports store in Hamilton’s Centre Place…/ramraiders-target-sports-store…

🔗 Police called to multiple ram raids and burglaries in overnight crime spree in Waikato…/police-called-to-multiple…

SIX ram raids and smash & grabs in Auckland LAST NIGHT at a shopping mall, fruit & vege shop, furniture store, liquor shop and two dairies.

‘It seems like the only place we are safe now is fashion shows where our politicians headline events with diplomatic security and police protection, while crime literally is taking place on our streets at the same time and our citizens as well as businesses are losing hope.

The Government still hasn’t rolled out its $6 million preventative measures for 500 businesses that were announced in May.

The Police Minister Chris Hipkins refuses to do anything about the crime and says the issues are related to truancy relating to Covid. Well Police Minister Chris Hipkins should talk to the Education Minister Chris Hipkins and former Covid-19 response Minister Chris Hipkins, because the victims of these crimes sure as hell can’t get through to him in any of his roles.

The country has gone to the dogs.’