The KCDC says “The Review into the Future for Local Government could have far-reaching implications for us as a Council, and for our community.” That’s true, and you can replace the ‘could’ with ‘will’, assuming Mahuta, Jackson and of course, Dear Leader of Jacindaland manage to ram it through Parliament before the next election.

With this, 3 Waters and their renewed attack on Freedom of Speech, it’s almost as if the Jacinda regime now recognises that the electorate will throw them out of office in a year’s time and want to put in place as much authoritarian Elite tribal rule as they can before then.

Says the Council: “It will take us some time to review the report and discuss it with our iwi partners, community and other key stakeholders before we make a submission. You’re also invited to make your own submission by 28 February 2023.” The link to do this is here

Below is an animation depicting how things will be if Mahuta & Co. get their way.