Not content with its ubiquitous coronavirus ‘vaccine’ warnings whenever a post seems to say something related to that subject — including trigger words like Pfizer, myocarditus and pericarditus — this little chart now gets tacked onto any Facebook post that FB algorithms think is on the subject of Climatism.

As we all know, Climatists relentlessly push the notion that temperatures are rapidly increasing everywhere all because of emissions of CO2, so to boost that notion, local temperature data gets manipulated to look like this:

NOAA is an American institution. But below is the chart from showing actual data from NZ’s NIWA for Wellington for the 100 years from 1913 – 2013. As can be seen, while the figures have fluctuated (as people would expect them to), they remained within a narrow range.

Because this graph only goes up to 2013 and the Facebook graph suggests a big jump in temperatures in 2019, here is a comparison of two graphs from this Weatherspark webpage to enable a comparison:

They look the same to us — so much for the reliability of Facebook, or should it be Fakebook?