by Anna from the BFD

Kate Hannah does not represent New Zealanders in parliament or hold office in any democratic jurisdiction, as far as I am aware. So it’s impossible to know what gives her the authority to decide which people among us are a threat to civil society.

Nevertheless, in part of the documentary Web of Chaos, Hannah launches into conspiracy theories about women like me (women who like sewing and interior design), demonising us as being some sort of extremists.

Her slurs against the values of stitching and home-making come about with wild accusations about women sharing their crafts online; that they have very “Christian” and “pseudo-Celtic/Nordic ideologies” and that they use their “platforms” to “draw people in” to a set of viewpoints “that are very white nationalistic”.

Notably, she has not included craft-loving women with Maori ancestry into this pool of deplorables, nor has she included men who also like interior design, making it perfectly clear that both racism and sexism are intertwined with her next-level stupidity.

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The procedure involves complaining to the broadcaster (TVNZ in this case) first — do that here — and then waiting for them to reply, which they are required to do within 20 working days. As with the Stuffers, TVNZ are sure to have already composed a stock rejection letter that they send to all complainants, which means you then take it to the BSA. Obviously it will require (re)watching this absurd Leftist conspiracy theory piece on TVNZ+ to detail objections to it, but some may find it entertaining as well as instructive about the nature of baseless political propaganda. The aspect to ponder particularly is how these nutjobs managed to get the government-funded positions they have.