by Amy Brooke

Only a very naïve individual could believe that Jacinda Ardern gives two figs for the concept of democracy. The concept of equal rights for all is obviously not one she agrees with.

So is it time to remind ourselves that the Italian communist Gramsci pointed out that those who wanted to destroy the West would need to begin “the long march” through our  institutions?

As has been the case. With this well under way already by the 1960s, the result has been a triumph for those on the far Left of the political spectrum in this country with its now thoroughly dumbed-down, largely destroyed education system. The damage caused to academic standards was insufficiently addressed even when National periodically replaced Labour as the governing party. Basically ignorant politicians, appointed Ministers of Education, have long been led around by the nose by Marxists entrenched within the Ministry of Education.

There is absolutely no chance of  genuine reform of education in this country until the ministry is disbanded, and parents themselves have far greater say in what is actually being taught in schools, and why. Our “experts” have blithely presided over our now abysmally low standards in literacy and numeracy. Moreover, we are at the stage where, quite shockingly, some school principals do not want these standards reinforced, or strengthened, because so many of their pupils simply couldn’t pass them. Many teachers themselves today also could not pass them, they, too, having been products of this long dumbing-down process.

National also have been culpable in acquiescing to the demands of activist minorities and the apparently subversive members of their own party who have pushed for legislation attacking majority rule. Both major parties have signed international treaties without referring them back to the country at large –  which simply couldn’t happen in Switzerland, the only genuine democracy in the world.

However, Ardern’s deliberate promotion of racial divisiveness is more than highly suspect, because she must know full well the damage it has been causing to the country, and to the ideals and practice of democracy. Many might well maintain that  she can therefore legitimately be accused of promoting civil unrest. 

Moreover, with this Prime Minister’s blessing — if not acting on her initiative — the Minister of Justice is now not only promoting the “hate speech” laws that the majority of the country have strongly rejected. She is now shockingly aiming to change the legal definition of what it is to be a terrorist to give the government even greater powers to itself terrorise New Zealanders — because there is no doubt it will promote a climate of fear.

The criteria for charges of terrorism are reportedly to  be extended to mean that an individual could face prosecution without ever being engaged in any kind of terrorism or related activities!

Accusing New Zealanders of being terrorists — not because of any action, or planned action — but simply because they may view or possess what the government regards as objectionable material — will attract official oversight, and even serious charges. But to ascertain this, won’t the government have to spy on people? Some might say…to even further spy on people…

We are in a very bad way, even with the promotion of deliberate lies about our co-history (as pointed out by highly respected historian Bruce Moon, in this attached Spectator article). So, too, with the attack on the language of the majority in this country and the push to sideline greater competence and standards of excellence in the public and private sector in favour of an ability to use a now largely made-up language  – the overwhelmingly inauthentic te reo – of no use whatsoever on the world scene. It is also designed to replace far more important subjects in the schools’ curriculum, where a failure of literacy, a lack of competence  in the use of English — the world’s most important international language – has become an indictment on our educationists. Emeritus Professor  Greg Newbold well illustrates in this accompanying Spectator article what the consequences will be for this country.

It’s good to see so many New Zealanders now fighting back on so many fronts. However,  those who are doing nothing at all to help in the fight against the Marxist takeover of this country may need to remind themselves  of Edmund Burke’s warning that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.

And women. So much now, depends on the efforts of us all, as individuals…

© Amy Brooke

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