by Cam Slater on the BFD

The Labour Government has legislated constitutional change and they’ve done it without the consent of New Zealanders. They have promoted a move away from one person one vote to a co-governance system where Maori votes are worth far more than Non-Maori votes. They are essentially supporting a race-based, apartheid system. They’ve done it in Health; they are proposing to do it again with water assets that councils already own, and their plans go even wider than that. We need to just say no to ‘co-governance’.

These changes have been made without our consent. They didn’t even have the temerity to campaign on the changes in either the 2017 or the 2020 general election. They’ve just decided to ram it through and they don’t care two hoots for what voters think about that. We need to tell them, No!

Talk is all he does

The ACT Party has talked a big game on co-governance, saying they want a referendum. But they haven’t bothered to put those words into action. By not taking action they are letting the government have a free hand to embed these racist policies for more than a year. It will take even longer than that to reverse them, even if there is a referendum AFTER the next election.

National Party advert

National are even worse. They have only put up billboards and have promised to repeal Three Waters, but also to replace it. With what we aren’t even told. Just that they would repeal it and replace it. They too have sat on their hands. They set up a petition, but that is just to harvest your email details to send you other stuff.

But there is a way to force the politicians’ hands.

We can force a referendum if we collect enough signatures in a year to have a referendum put on the ballot paper at the next election.

A few of us got together to do what the opposition parties should have done. We’ve applied to have a Citizen’s Initiated Referendum. We’ve had the question approved by the Clerk of Representatives, and we are ready to go.

The purpose of the Citizens Initiated Referendum is to show the liberal elite in Wellington that they are out of step with what many New Zealanders think, and what may be acceptable in government departments is not acceptable to a great many of us in the rest of New Zealand.

The question that has been approved is:

“Should New Zealand implement a form of co-governance where 50% of elected representatives to Parliament and local authorities (including community boards and local boards) be elected by voters of Maori descent, and 50% by non-Maori?”

To download the approved signature form to collect signatures please go to: Just Say No!

You can also download the form here.

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