by Ivett Kerekes, Andras and their sons Andor, Szilard and Gergo

We are a family in CRISIS!

We arrived from Hungary 6 years ago, under the Entrepreneur’s Visa, keen to set up a business and re-establish our Family in New Zealand.

We have been successful in business:

⦁ The largest catering business on the Kapiti Coast, PartyPerfect.

⦁ A popular destination: ANZIL Hungarian Restaurant.

⦁ Distribution of quality cheese and dried meats on local markets.

All of these enterprises have been successful, achieved through hard work.

These businesses all have a great reputations as well as being profitable.

In addition, we have often used our various enterprises in support of local charities within the community.


During the six years, we have attempted to negotiate towards ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, NZ Residency.

Unfortunately, our dealings with the Immigration Department we have had a procession of 7 different case officers, each time taking us back to the start, answering the same set of questions. We have been lost in the labyrinth of Immigration.

On November 28 (after 6 years) finally our Application for Residency was rejected and we were informed, that unless some new path was found we will have to exit New Zealand in 42 days.

Our family are heart broken, we have worked hard, paid tax and we love this country, and this action is simply NOT FAIR.

Please sign this petition in of support of the battle for our Residency and prove that what we do is viable and needed.

An e-mail should also be sent to the Minister of Immigration, Michael Wood.