Don Brash says:

Together, hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are now well-informed about just how much Three [5] Waters will further detrimentally divide our society.

Yesterday, I personally sent the Prime Minister our Open Letter with my own covering letter. You can click here to view what I sent the Prime Minister. 

But our fight is still not over. This Labour Government  is still planning to ram through the enabling legislation for Three Waters sometime before Christmas.

Fortunately, there is still time and we are the organisation that will be relentless in fighting this Government every step of the way as they seek to divide New Zealanders, when we should be moving forward together as one.

The coming year 2023 will be big for Hobson’s Pledge as we take on the Government to stop their radical and race-based agenda.

Will she take heed? Unlikely but it will be sure to annoy her and her disciples. —Eds