When you retire, what pivotal moments of your career will you remember with pride?

Will you remember your time in the limelight, the media /propaganda attention, or the time you had a proposed Bill drawn that was passed? Or perhaps the times you met a visiting “VIP”, and felt important on a special occasion?

Will you also remember the times you remained silent on issues of national importance that rapidly continued to close the net on the inalienable rights of every living being whom you purport to represent in a country that is only just managing to hold onto the shreds of democracy that is being attacked on all sides?

Will you remember the day you had a choice to speak up for and in defence of the Nuremberg Code and our inalienable right to decide on what medical treatment we choose to receive, along with that for our beloved children?

Will you remember that you did not? Or will you remember at the 11th hour that you did speak up in defence of the Nuremberg Code and you stood up for something that really mattered?

Like the situation beautiful baby Will and his loving family currently find themselves in — due to shocking government overreach and tyranny.

Will you remember that Will’s parents organised and had over 20 screened and approved donors ready to supply blood for Will, but the blood bank, who previously used to be fine on direct donors, refused to allow it and instead, with the government and doctors, tried to take over control of the health decisions of baby Will by temporarily removing him from the care of his parents to do the operation with contaminated blood that could cause his death and tried to do this by putting them through an unspeakably stressful and needless time in court — to put his life at greater risk?

Will you remember this beautiful, vulnerable little baby Will, who needed you to stand with him and his parents so that he could receive blood for a heart operation that was uncontaminated with the contents of an experimental gene-based therapy that is still on trial and has been proven to cause harm and death?

Will you remember that you felt that you “couldn’t do anything” because you were instructed, as part of the Party you represent, that you were not to say anything because it was “before the courts” or some other such nonsense?

Or will you remember you stood for baby Will because what his parents require for him is readily available, causes the least harm, and gives him the best chance?

If you are not standing up and speaking out for Will and his family, what are you doing in Parliament? Why are you there?

When you leave parliament, — that toxic environment that has abjectly ruined the lives of millions of New Zealanders —when the limelight fades, when nobody seeks you out any longer and you’ve become just another politician that did little to stand for the people — when you sit by yourself reflecting on your career — you may remember baby Will.

You will remember if you did anything . . .Or if you did not. I surely hope you stood up for baby Will and his beloved family.

Because if you did not, it is likely to haunt you forever.

But if you did, it will surely be one of the greatest highlights of your life, for it would have taken immense courage, outstanding fortitude and would have created a sense of fulfillment in your career and your life like no other. For not only would you be standing for baby Will and his family, but for every New Zealander — and the world. You will be a rarity these days: A politician with integrity, that stands and protects the inalienable human rights of the people. And democracy. A politician standing for the soul of the people and the nation.

Many of you are good people at heart [we think they are vagabonds like their Leader —Eds]. You know what is right, so you will know that this is and this should be your line in the sand.

Baby Will, his precious family, and all New Zealanders, need you to do the right thing. So does the country. And the world.

New Zealanders all over the country, and now the world, are standing beside baby Will and his family. We are holding them close. One look at those beautiful blue eyes will tell you why, for baby Will symbolises the limitless beauty of the soul and all that is good in this world and he ignites love in the souls of all New Zealanders and people all over the world who are standing beside him.

We want you to as well.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. — Jimi Hendrix