The latest addition to Waikanae’s streetscape by the NZTA — increasingly called ‘Whaka Kataia’ (fuka car tyre) by irate motorists — is a hazard added just south of the Main Road railway underpass which forces drivers to deviate from the previous and normal alignment. At night there is a good chance they wont notice until they find out the hard way.

Quite why this pedestrian refuge island was put here, given the extreme paucity of both pedestrians and cyclists, can only by explained by the Green Party’s influence on the NZTA to put in every provision for foot traffic “we don’t like internal combustion vehicles so Stuff them.” But even electric car drivers risk blowing a tyre and damaging their suspension if they hit this obstruction at the 80 km — 50 km/h transition speed in this spot.

If this happens, there is Bohanna Motors to deal with repairs about 200 metres to the north.