We at GrrrGraphics are a little late with our annual Christmas Gift Guide cartoon. We blame the severe winter weather we’ve had lately. It has slowed us down and put us in hibernation mode. However, it should warm up to freezing by Christmas, and after that we’ll see if we can ramp up production. The news cycle always gives us plenty of idea gifts, even if some of them seem more like lumps of coal.

Here are more gift suggestions for Santa:

Zelensky: Someone buy this dwarf a suit so he can stop disrespecting the USA when he shows up wearing his nipple-popping green t-shirt at Congress while demanding more ‘mah-ney.’  Merry ‘Griftmas’ to Ukraine.

Hillary: ‘Crooked’ needs a gift of a one way ticket to Gitmo.

Biden: A gift certificate from an ice cream shop in El Paso. Maybe Joe will finally go to the border to get his free cone.

The FBI:  The entire organization from the top down gets a pretty ‘pink slip’ for Christmas. Let the states handle their own investigations.

Al Gore: A space heater he can use to thaw out his ‘global warming/climate change’ scam as the country freezes.

Liz Cheney: A new career as the stunt double for ‘Miss Piggy.’

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