It will remain Jacindaland until there is a change of government

She, the self-proclaimed ‘sole source of truth’, may be departing the Official PM Residence today, but all the policies and enforcement apparatus that have been put in place under Her iron-fisted rule, particularly since October 2020 — and all the damage, division and suffering they’ve caused — will continue.

Chris Hipkins may be more aimable and less cruel than Her, and may do some tinkering with the worst aspects of what she has done, but we don’t expect any substantive changes.

The government-paid shills in both the Mainstream and Social Media will continue to shower this awful government with effusive praise; and lambast National and ACT at every opportunity

Although it’s unlikely ‘Chippy’ will feature on the covers of women’s and wokeist magazines, it’s obvious why he chose Carmel Sepuloni as his deputy: to maintain the Leftist predominately female excitement that Comrade Jacinda generated. No matter that Carmel Sepuloni will just serve the same role as Kamala Harris in America; it is about symbolism and idolatry.